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Jarquay Abdullah

“There are so many vacant properties and vacant lots in New York City, that there should not be so many of us sitting in shelters. Instead, money should be put towards permanent housing. And these bills will help hold landlords accountable for letting properties sit vacant. I see vacant properties all the time. It made me angry, because I’m sitting in the shelter and you have all these apartments not being used for anything. It makes me wonder—what kind of plan could you have that lets these apartments sit vacant while they are renting out the storefronts? These bills would be a step forward for possible low-income housing. I want to see something happen with these vacant lots and buildings; right now nothing is happening with them. I want to change my situation. I’m tired to sitting in the shelter, working two jobs, and still can’t afford housing. The more apartments that are put on the market, the more we can see a decrease in rent around the city.”

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Friday, March 8

1:00pm EST